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At Sandeep Homes, we specialize in crafting site-built homes. Our expert team constructs each dwelling entirely at its final location, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and customization to suit the unique aspects of the building site. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by Progressive Home Warranty & Canadian Standard Association, offering you peace of mind in every aspect of your home.

Rim Joists

LVL/Microlam engineered beam perimeter rim joists conforming to design specifications. FLOOR BEAMS: Engineered according to plans for robust support.

Interior Walls

8 ft. high 2x4 KD spruce studs @ 16" O.C., standard framing, ctw single bottom plate, and double top plate for interior structural stability."

Sub Floor

23/32" T&G OSB glued and screwed for a sturdy foundation.

Floor Joists

Utilizing the TJI engineered floor joist system (Min. 19.2" O.C) for optimal structural integrity.


3/8" underlayment, suitable for linoleum, and 3/8" standard spruce plywood for ceramic tile, glued and stapled.

Exterior Walls

2x6 KD spruce studs @ 16" O.C., ctw single bottom plate, and double top plate for structural strength.

Ext. Wall Sheathing

7/16" OSB glued and stapled, overlapping rim joist for durability.

Ext. Window/Door Lintels

Engineered laminated standard lumber or per engineer's specs for reliable support.



Engineered Roof Trusses

Positioned @24" O.C. with a standard 18" overhang for optimal structural support.

Roof Sheathing

Utilizing 7/16" OSB sheathing with H clips for enhanced durability.

Roof Finish

Completed with 3 Syr. architectural asphalt shingles and code-required roof vents, all CSA approved.

Exterior Finish Details

Distinguished by 4.5 vinyl siding clw matching corner posts atop Tyvec/Typar or equivalent building paper for a polished exterior appearance.

In compliance with building codes, our homes feature:

100 Amp service with a 32-circuit breaker panel

220 Range outlet (1)

220 Dryer outlet (1) if main floor laundry is present

2 Exterior weatherproof receptacles and 1 Christmas lights receptacle in the eaves

Dishwasher rough-in and connection (if installed before delivery)

Heat thermostat wiring

Smoke detectors on the main floor and one Rough-In for basement as per building code

Poly hats on plugs, switches, telephone or cable outlets, or light boxes on exterior walls and ceilings

GFI breaker for bathroom outlets

3 Telephone and 3 cable TV outlets as per plans

Hood fan rough-in and installation of a regular standard hood fan

Standard doorbell/chime kit

One standard-to-code vent fan in each bathroom

Decora-type switches in white, decora duplex receptacles, and white covers

Center ventilation fan switch

Light fixtures as per allowance, varying from model to model.




60″ One-Piece Bathtub & Shower Unit for a luxurious bathing experience.


36″ Square One-Piece Shower Stall with Clear Chrome Glass Doors (size varies per plan).


Low-profile ELnER or equivalent water-saving toilets with shut-off valves.


Porcelain sinks and laminated vanity tops in bathrooms; stainless steel standard double sink in the kitchen.


Moen single lever chrome taps; single lever in the shower; single lever in the kitchen with spray.

Plumbing Connections

All drains and lines connected to floor joists.


Flush-mounted laundry box with contained hot and cold taps and laundry drain (Only in the main floor laundry).


Plumbing rough-in and hookup on-site only.

Water Lines

3/4" PVC main and 1/2" PVC supply lines.

Vents and Drains

ABS or equivalent rigid plastic, CSA approved for reliability.

Insulation and caulking to Alberta Building Code Standard:

Fiberglass Friction Fit Insulation

Installed around all windows and doors and behind all exterior electrical outlets.

Exterior House Wall and Ceiling:

R-20 bat insulation in exterior walls.

R-40 loose-fill (blown) insulation in the ceiling or R-35 batt insulation in vaulted areas.


R-28 batt or spray foam insulation.

Vapour Barrier and Caulking:

6mil CGSB poly on outside walls and ceiling.

Continuous caulking at all joints and around all doors and window openings.

Joist Space

R-20 batts at all rim joists, sealed with 6 mil poly vapor barriers (If basement built by AHL).

Attic Access

Hatch insulated with rigid styrofoam or R-35 fiberglass friction-fit batt insulation.



Rounded corners for a polished finish.

Precision in construction with a combination of screws, glue, and nails.

1/2" drywall for walls and 1/2" CD board for ceilings.

Aqua board used in bathrooms around tubs and showers.

Uniform and appealing spray-textured knockdown ceilings throughout the entire house.

Double-glazed glass windows filled with low-E and argon gas for energy efficiency.

White vinyl thermally broken frames for a sleek and insulated design.

Window types include awning, casement, and sliders, tailored to your specific plans.

Stylish metal insulated 6-panel front entry and rear/side entry 3-0x6-8 standard doors.

Basement windows available upon request at an additional cost for customization.

Windows & Exterior Doors

Cabinets & Counter Cabinets

Maple or Oak flat-panel shaker-style standard cabinets with a variety of colors and door styles (30" wall cabinets).

Fridge opening designed to standard dimensions of 36".

Adjustable shelves in both upper and lower cabinets.

Bathroom vanities matching the style of kitchen cabinets.

Crown molding above upper cabinets for a polished finish.

Variety of handles and knobs to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Convenient pots and pans drawers for organized storage.


Arborite (laminate) countertops featuring wood edges and a 6" ceramic tile backsplash.

Standard height of 40" and optimal length for a seamlessly designed bathroom vanity.

Mirrors Bathrooms

interior finishing paint grade MDF-standard

Choose between the classic 6 Panel COLONIST or the modern Santa Fe doors for a touch of style.

Adorn your interiors with a refined 3" fluted MDF casing.

Enhance the aesthetic with a 4" paint-grade MDF baseboard.


Enjoy practical and durable storage with the inclusion of standard metal wire shelving.

Front Entrance

Weiser brushed chrome key-in-knob and one-inch deadbolt for a secure and stylish entry.

Secondary Entrance

Weiser chrome key-in-knob and one-inch deadbolt for reliable security.

Interior Doors

Weiser brushed chrome knobs throughout the interior.

Privacy Features

Privacy locks on bathroom and master bedroom doors.

Bath Hardware

Elegant chrome-finished towel bars, paper holders, and towel ring.

Paint and Stain - Exterior Paint

Solid stain (Olympic or equal).

Interior Paint

Two coats velvet egg – shell latex (General Paint or equal).

Stain and Lacquer

Interior – medium and clear glass lacquer (General Paint of equal).


Constructed with natural treated wood for durability and aesthetic appeal.


floor coverings

Std. 400z. Carpet

Premium carpet atop 7.5 pd high-density underlay, offering comfort and style in bedrooms and on stairs.


Experience luxury with 12.3 mm high-quality laminate in living and dining rooms, combining durability and elegance."


Builders grade premium quality LINO gracing main entry, baths, and kitchen spaces.

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