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frequently asked questions

1. What is RTM?

RTM stands for Ready To Move; meaning the homes are constructed on our site, and moved to your site when completed.

2. Could I get a custom arrangement, or do I have to look over your plans?

We have numerous arrangements that you can browse, however we can likewise change a plans that will suit your necessities.

3. Are you licensed to sell homes in Alberta?

Yes, Sandeep Homes is licensed by Alberta Government Services. In Alberta all organizations auctioning off-site manufactured homes to retail clients must be fortified and authorized by Alberta Government Services.

4. How much does an RTM cost per square foot?

The cost per square foot will vary depending on the spec finish you choose.

5. What happens if the RTM is damaged during the move?

The movers we use move your new home like it was their own, and are fully insured. The customer is not liable for their home until it is on the foundation.

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