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Looking for something even easier in a comfortable RTM Home in Calgary? Visit to Sandeep Homes and check out the pre-designed homes, we’re building right at our site. You can take a look at one of our different floor plans already built and ready to go to your lot.

Quality workmanship and materials are evident in every job. We works with you through every detail of your project. From “on-site/on-time” scheduling through to “built to suit” design, our staff are committed to ensuring your job is completed to your standards. All projects and materials are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

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Creative Ideas

We build house, sitemap, site building and building specifications. Call us for details regarding your project.


We plan for your project. We are the home builders in Calgary, Airdrie, and Alberta province.

Safe Work

We are professional home builders. Our work is safe. We are licensed holder, protected with insurance.

Best Quality

We provide the best quality. We are the professional home builders in province of Alberta.

Why Choose Us

We’ll bring your ready to move home plans to reality, with our “Dream It”, “Build It”, “Move It” process. Every dream home needs a plan. Anyone can build a home, but it takes premium craftsmanship to build a Sandeep Homes. Sandeep Homes and their team of professionals take care of the building while clients are guided to participate in the decision making process for their new custom homes.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Home Builder
  • Great Staff Abroad
  • Best Quality
  • Expert and Professional
  • Smooth Operation

Have a look at some of our workmanship examples HERE.

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OUR SERVICES Home For Sale | Site Build

  • Floor Design & Site Build

    We specialized floor design, and we build entire house. Please give us a call, we will reach you as soon as possible.

  • Home Design & Home Build

    We specialized in home design and site home built. We fulfil your requirement and satisfy your need.

  • Home Repair Services & Home Build

    We repair your home, build a brand new home. Please give us a call, we will call you as soon as possible.

Materials & Specs. are above industry standards Covered by Progressive Home Warranty Covered & CSA (Canadian Std. Assoc.) Experienced & qualified warranty service team. Drop Your EMAIL here for eNewsletter, Deals & Discounts.